The Best Online Resources for Your eCommerce Business

girl on ipad working on eCommerce business

Starting an online business can be tough. There are so many working parts you need to consider that it is sometimes hard to keep track of. Fortunately, there is a wealth of resources available to help launch your eCommerce business. 

First Direct Financial is one of the nation’s top payment processors because of our strong dedication to our clients’ needs and comprehensive services. When you partner with us you’re not just getting our payment services, you’re building a worthwhile partnership. Read our blog post below to see some of the best online resources for your eCommerce business and why you should consider using them. 

Your Consumers Want Options

In today’s business world, if you are not giving your customers a variety of ways to pay, you are trailing behind your competitors. Your business accepting different payment options gives them the ability to choose the way they would like to pay, all while creating a boost in their loyalty. A customer who is not able to pay with their preferred method of payment is more likely to stop buying from you. Why? Because it is more of an inconvenience for them.

We highly recommend opening the door for multiple payment options to ensure your eCommerce business is successful.

Every eCommerce Business Needs a Payment Processor

Are you really an eCommerce business if you do not accept credit card payments? Probably not. But, when you partner with a payment processor you will be given the resources and support you need to start collecting credit card payments. 

The biggest complaint businesses have when accepting credit card payments is the fees. They can get rather costly, especially if you are considered a “high-risk merchant”, a type of payment processing account for businesses considered to be high risk to banks. Typically, these types of accounts see some intimidating processing fees.

When you partner with First Direct Financial, you do not have to worry about high fees. We make sure you receive the best rates in the industry to ensure your business finds the success it deserves. Additionally, we do not charge startup, application fees, or termination fees. We make our services as cost-effective as possible to minimize the cost of our services. 

Keep Your eCommerce Business and Customers Secure

Another important element of your online business is your cybersecurity. According to a report from 2018, 90% of total login attempts to online retailers’ websites were illegitimate hacking attempts. That is much higher than any other sector. 

You need to protect you and your customers’ data to prevent any potentially hazardous consequences. Investing in merchant account services can help protect you and your customers from cyberattacks by installing high-quality payment gateways. 

Payment gateways are a merchant service that processes credit card payments for eCommerce businesses and traditional brick and mortar shops. 

They protect businesses in a few different ways:

  • Encryption: Payment gateways will encrypt (encode for private use) data for exclusive use between the seller and buyer
  • Request: The payment processor gets approval from the customer’s credit card company to proceed with the transaction
  • Fulfillment: When the payment gateway has the authorization, it allows the website and interface to proceed to the next action.

First Direct Financial Enhances Your eCommerce Business

First Direct Financial maintains a large network of representatives across the country to ensure to we keep strict guidelines on all staff to ensure our clients receive the best merchant services possible. From data protection and credit card processing to depositing, we are there for you every step of the way. Contact us today and learn how we can help your business make transactions easier.