Partnered Security

remove the risk of storing and transmitting sensitive data

Protect Your Data

With hackers more sophisticated than ever, an “encryption only” method is no longer a reliable option for data protection. Our partner solutions elevate payment security to a new level by combining Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with a patented tokenization process and PCI-certified vault storage.

Point-to-Point Encryption

The only true protection for POS-based malware attacks, P2PE instantly encrypts all sensitive data upon swipe or card data input. With our partnered encryption solutions, payment security is taken to a new high level within the industry.

Intelligent Tokenization

Our partnered solutions instantly tokenizes sensitive data across all entry points, supporting both payment cards and PII. Beyond being fully irreversible, these tokens never expire, are even reusable.

PCI Certified Vault

Sensitive data will never reside on your system when you’re with our partnered solutions. All encrypted card numbers will be stored in a 100% PCI compliant environment, protecting your customers from identity theft and removing your systems from PCI scope entirely.

First Direct Financials Partnered Benefits

Data Breach Protection

Provides true protection from malicious cyber-attacks, including POS-related malware and network intrusions.

PII Tokenization

Beyond securing payment card information, our partnered tokenization solution accommodates all types of sensitive data – from Social Security numbers to health records and more.

PCI Reduction

With P2PE and tokenization, the burden of compliance is reduced to its lowest level – removing at least 300 questions and all scans or tests from PCI requirements.

Seamless Integration

API available for easy integration to your existing applications, along with native connections to many other popular accounting systems as well.

Omni-Channel Security

Delivering the same level of protection across all sales channels, including transactions from the web, a call center, in-store terminal, or mobile device.

Data Conversion

Already have sensitive data stored in your system? Not a problem. Our partnered solutions have the ability to convert all of your remaining payment information and Social Security numbers into secure tokens before storing them in an off-site vault.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

First Direct Financial helped our company eliminate unnecessary payment processing costs and improve our security compliance. As a company we process payments for a variety of clients ranging from mom & pop shops to large national businesses with millions in yearly revenues. The cost reduction First Direct Financial offered was significant to our bottom line. ~ Bryan Millhouse/CEO

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