Credit Card Solutions for Small Businesses

small business owner swiping her card in a credit card processor

For small businesses, accepting debit and credit cards is incredibly important for the financial success and growth. Many studies suggest that around seven of every 10 Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet at any given time. So when cash is not available, your ability to accept card payment processing may be the difference between a sale and a walk-out.

Finding software for plastic payments is a no-brainer, but today’s most popular credit card processing companies actually offer a variety of different credit card solutions for small businesses. Here’s what you should know about the different kinds of merchant services software and systems available for the modern small business owner.

The Mobile Point of Sale System

Many people think of the point of sale (POS) system as the cashier’s terminal with a credit card reader, but in today’s world, it can be so much more. You can now attach POS to tablets or smartphones, giving your salespeople, waitstaff, or business itself the ability to bring mobile credit card processing directly to the customers’ hands.

Payment Gateway Options for Small Businesses

More and more small business are handling transactions online, whether or not they have a brick-and-mortar location or only exist on the Internet. To handle online card payments, you’ll need a payment gateway to allow consumers to enter their information and transmit the payments themselves. Some of these are inherently more user-friendly than others, so choose one that is appealing and simple.

EMV Chip Cards

American credit card companies are finally pushing the change to the EMV chip card, which means that if you run a physical store or restaurant, you need credit card solutions for small businesses with chip-reading software. If you don’t, and a customer’s credit information is compromised as a result, you could face a hefty fine.

Many of today’s technologies make it safer and easier than ever to offer even the smallest of businesses amazing credit card payment solutions. Whether you conduct your sales in person, online, on-the-go, or some combination thereof, you can find the right payment solution for you.